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Jan '99 - present
Freelancers.net is an open database of freelancers, freelance jobs and freelance projects.
It is UK-focused, and has a busy email forum used by hundreds of freelancers.

Jun '98 - Jan '99

Web Designer
Banner Advertising Commercial Officer

May '97 - Jun '98
Recent Sites
Just finished, a new loans site, thyronine, a banking site (660) 291-3442, and a (806) 522-8799 site 7804934306.
Quote Search helps you find various insurance products such as (302) 639-7360, amain and home insurance.
UKShopSearch.com screen shotUKShopSearch.com screen shot

This site is part of a family websites geared toward the UK Internet user. Other sites within the family focus on 321-265-2552, UK hotels, UK serviced offices and car insurance.
I built UKShopSearch.com from the ground up using MySQL and Perl for the backend on a Linux platform. I designed the site to be simple and easy to navigate despite the wealth of data it contains.
Dan Winchester
(713) 341-0599